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Digitizing London

We are a Digital Agency based in London.

With 25 years of experience, we can help you meet your targets by creating unique user experiences for your bespoke websites and web applications.


  • The Capital of Creativity

    If you’re looking for a UK digital agency, London has to be your first choice.

    Without doubt, London is one of the creative capitals of the world. Few other places can match its services and infrastructure, not to mention the sheer talent and inspiration that exists in every part of this great city. More than a booming metropolis, London has become a birthplace of innovation – a digital hub in which creative agencies can push the boundaries of achievement.

    London is where technology and ideas come together to create solutions that drive business and inspire innovation.

    And when it comes to digital agencies and creative talent, there’s plenty to choose from. Between them, they offer a vast choice of services and solutions to meet every conceivable need.

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    We are a Digital Agency based in London.

    With 25 years of experience, we can help you meet your targets by creating unique user experiences for your bespoke websites and web applications.


  • Where can I find a great web design agency?

    Sometimes, a great website is exactly what you need. But, websites come in all shapes, sizes and functionality, with varying degrees of impact and commercial success. What’s ideal for a retail business, for instance, simply won’t meet the needs of a services provider, a charity or an informational site. Who is your audience? Do you need hosting and/or infrastructure? Such questions highlight the importance of using an agency that can get the brief right from the outset and deliver the results you want.

    We have an eye for UX

    Red Snapper doesn’t do off-the-peg websites, because we know every business is different. But that doesn’t mean your bespoke site costs more than it should. Through our digital consultancy service, we ensure every aspect of the brief is right from the outset, so you get an optimised solution that delivers immediate results without having to go back to the drawing board or requiring costly and time-consuming changes.

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  • I need to create a website that works for me...

    Successful digital marketing is about much more than simply creating an attractive website. There are many factors to consider. It all starts with you and your big idea and what you’re trying to achieve? What happens next is the key to building and maintaining an effective online presence and how you interact with the end-user.

    Every individual, entrepreneur, or business, has different goals, so the first thing to do is to get professional advice on how best to reach those goals. While most digital agencies can provide advice on what’s best for your venture, depending on their area of expertise, what you really need to achieve the best possible results is an agency that can do it all, see the bigger picture, and advise on overall strategy, as well as implementation.

    That means finding a digital agency with both the expertise and a track record in understanding your niche and what you do, and how to put the most appropriate digital solution package together to help you achieve, and exceed, your end goals.

    We connect you to the best solution

    At Red Snapper, we won’t try to sell you anything until we completely understand your business and objectives. Our digital consultancy service is at the core of what we do. That’s why at the outset, we’ll sit down with you, your staff and your stakeholders to discuss your business and your needs. It allows us to develop a comprehensive briefing document that forms the blueprint for developing the most effective solutions to your challenges. Once we know what you’re all about, using a combination of experience, know-how, talent and technology, we can then offer a range of options that you can view as a roadmap to success for your digital venture.

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  • How do I get SEO and PPC working for my business?

    SEO and PPC services have grown to become one of the most important digital sectors of all, with many agencies specialising in this and nothing else. But it can mean that you don’t always get the best solutions for your needs, because your SEO/PPC solution has become detached from the other elements of your digital marketing strategy.

    Stand over the top

    At Red Snapper, we ensure that every facet of your digital presence is integrated and optimised to help you achieve your business goals, stay ahead of the competition and get the results you want to see.

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  • How do I know my website is delivering the best results it can?

    If you already have a site that isn’t working as well as you anticipated, a forensic audit by experts can identify the problems. While there are many specialist agencies that deal with this area of digital marketing, not all have the experience or background knowledge to deliver the best solutions. These agencies usually outsource various aspects, such as the creative or the backend. Many of these third parties have their own solutions and methodologies, not all of which will be compatible with your ideas or technology, so you might not get the best results, even after a site makeover.

    The power of innovation

    Because Red Snapper is a full service agency that focusses on the key areas of digital consultancy, design and build, creative services and functionality, we see the bigger picture. Our specialist teams work closely together with each other, with your goals as their primary focus, to put together a truly innovative solution that tackles your challenges head-on and optimises your site for real success.

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  • What’s the easiest way to keep my website updated?

    When you’re focussed on running a business, you simply don’t always have the time to keep your website up-to-date. Unfortunately, if you don’t, you could be losing revenue, customers and market share to your competitors. What many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t know is that with the latest CMS technology, it’s easier and more time-eicient to keep your products, information, mailing lists and payment systems up to date than ever.

    Modern content solutions, at your service

    All the services at Red Snapper can be customised to meet the best needs of our clients, so whether you want to implement a new CMS, are looking to upgrade what you have already, we’ll make sure you get the best solution for your needs, whether you do it in-house or outsource. Here, at Red Snapper, we know CMS, inside and out, so whatever it is you do, we will match your needs to the technology.

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  • I need a marketing campaign that deliver.

    The best-looking, most feature-packed website won’t produce results unless people know that you’re out there, which is why it’s vitally important that you tell them. An effective integrated marketing campaign, utilising both on- and offline media, can make all the difference. It will work wonders for your Internet presence, raising brand awareness, while showcasing your products and your niche expertise in the best possible light. Again, there are many agencies that can deliver on this, but this should be viewed as just one part of the whole digital marketing package. Getting the best results from any marketing campaign means seeing the full picture and precise targeting.

    Get to know your crowd

    Results are the best indicator of the success of any marketing campaign. And that’s what we’re all about at Red Snapper. We’re very diligent when planning campaigns, using the right tools to achieve the best results. As a full service agency, everything we do is with marketing in mind, but if you want to go to an outside agency for this part of the process, then we’ll make sure you go with the best possible brief for an optimal outcome, whether that’s raising awareness, increasing sales, or simply getting your message across.

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  • What sort of e-store do I need?

    Your e-store is where it all happens. It’s where the money flows from your customers into your business, so it’s got to work flawlessly. Many businesses will outsource this element to make it as easy as possible to buy. But this doesn’t always take into account your product, target market, or other aspects of your digital marketing. To be effective, it must meet the needs of your product and be targeted to your audience through the right interfaces, with all the features and functionality to make buying and paying simple and quick and simple.

    Grow your business

    Whether you’re a multi-national or a SME, our e-commerce experts will review your existing processes and make recommendations to improve and futureproof the way you sell online, including all the latest mobile innovations to ensure you benefit from this fast-growing market.

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  • How can I keep my digital project on track?

    You need to start by knowing what “on track” looks like. In today’s world of Agile development processes it is all too easy to get caught up in the ever-growing list of ‘nice to haves’ and ‘wouldn’t it be great if’s’.

    It helps to think of the project as having distinct phases. During the initiation phase, a brief should be developed that details the project’s scope (What is my minimum viable launch product?), cost (for the MVP and some extras?) and what is realistically achievable (What can happen after launch?).

    In the planning phase, a project roadmap highlights what needs to be done, how to achieve it and a timeline. This helps to ensure all stakeholders buy into what you are trying to achieve. You should be sure bake some time in here to allow for extras, or be aware that extras may be at the expense of initially planned functionality.

    During the execution phase, plans become action, delivering website assets and building the infrastructure and functionality that means the difference between a good and great website. It runs parallel with the monitoring and controlling phase that keeps the project on track. You should aim to get constant updates and releases, be involved in the development process. Remember to store and prioritise all those ideas you have along the way, don’t let them get in the way of the schedule unless they are ‘gamechangers’.

    Once the testing of the product is complete, it is time for launch – get it live! You can always add features and tweak things in additional phases. Remember that prioritised list of items you made? Now is the time to look again at it!

    Time management is our big priority

    Red Snapper has years of experience in taking projects efficiently through the different phrases, and knows how to steer a course around issues that can cause time management problems. Often, this is when stakeholders expand the initial scope after the project begins or it takes longer to approve content than originally planned for. So, we always develop a robust plan and timeline and ensure stakeholder commitment to the approval process from the start. We recommend launching with the minimum viable product and then adding new components and functionality after the website is up and running.

    Once the project kicks off, an experienced project manager monitors quality and delivery of assets. They also keep you appraised of all stages of the website’s development and its progress along the timeline to final delivery.

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